Otaku USA is Good

I bought a copy of Otaku USA while browsing my local WH Smith bookstore. A few weeks ago I bought a copy of Neo, a UK based anime magazine and I was disappointed. The articles seemed so short and thin. For example there was one about Evangelion and Brexit which failed to make any point and was even on the front page. One good thing about that magazine were the cut out posters.

While looking for Neo I came across Otaku USA which I liked much more. The articles are just better. the writers sound a bit older than me and also more American than me as the references those old anime fans from US make are not too hard to spot if you know what you are looking for. There was also an extract from a manga in the middle with manga like paper instead of the glossy magazine paper.

I haven’t read the whole magazine yet but I liked how full of content it is in an ordered way that is easier to achieve with a magazine rather than a blog or a website.

I have to say though that just by looking at the cover I was not interested. In fact Neo had a much better cover. For example I couldn’t even read the title of the zine properly because the U in USA was covered and as an anglo I wouldn’t realize what it was. Also I didn’t like the pink font and new fruits basket characters which make it seem a lot more girly than it is. Then again maybe it is just me who prefers darker covers.

The only article that I spotted which seemed to drag on more than it was necessary to make a point was the one about Kaguya-sama. Evidently the reviewer liked the show because of its premise but given that the show is sort of a one-note show the reviewer seemed to repeat his point over and over again.

If I am being honest the content of these reviews is as good as some reviews online, particularly on youtube, in the end owning the magazine with the pretty anime pictures seems to be the main reason to own these zines unless you are one of those people who care about the interviews with people in the industry rather than just about the shows themselves.

Manga selection in scottish bookstores is pretty poor

I went to my local comic book store here in Perth, Scotland and there were only a few manga also they were too expensive the cheapest costing as much as a paperback novel except a paperback novel actually has more content. Another problem is that only a few volumes of each manga series was available. I couldn’t find the first volume of any manga. I could ask the store keeper to order a copy for me but in that case I could just order it from Amazon myself. The advantage of going to a store is that I should be able to read it the moment after I bought it.

The problem I think is that there aren’t any magazines like Shounen Jump to read the latest chapters ot something.

In the future the selection of manga in Scottish bookstores might go down to zero.

Scotland Loves Anime

Apparently there is a yearly anime film viewing event in Scotland in October. I have heard that it happens in Edinburgh, Glasgow with side viewings in places like Dundee.

I still don’t know which movies they will show but apparently it’s the tenth anniversary so I hope it will be good. For now I subscribed to their mailing list on their homepage: https://www.lovesanimation.com/

I have high blood pressure

Apparently I have high blood pressure or so I have been told by my doctor. In a week or so I am to hand in my blood pressure readings. The doctor said that it was also because of my family history with high blood pressure.

I may watch that anime about working out even though it was not high on my watch list. I was planning to watch eromanga sensei but now I might watch both at the same time. I want to know everything that anime has to offer so even if an anime about working out sounds silly I will check it out and maybe learn something.

I gotta to do something about this blood pressure otherwise if I drop dead by a stroke like grandpa that will limit the anime I can watch..